1x 5ml B. Water
2 reviews
2 reviews
Body-Mass - Lifetech-Labs
Body-Lean - Lifetech-Labs*
Peptide Blend
10 vials (2.1mg per vial)
1 reviews
1 reviews
10 X GHRP-6 Gen-Shi Labs.
1 x 5mg vial
$210 $130
10 X GHRP-2 Gen-Shi Labs.
1 x 5mg vial
10 X HMG 75 IU Gen-Shi
10 x 75IU vial
Biopeptide GHRP-6
Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone
10 vials (1.8mg per vial)
2 reviews
2 reviews
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Review left on Nov-04-2018

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"I have never had a problem with any of the products that I get from Jimmy. And, he always keeps me informed ..."
Review left on Oct-22-2018