Accessories (Syringes etc.)

* Shipping accessories in the same pack with other gears are tend to increase the risk of a possible seizure in customs.  That's why they are shipped from different warehouse. To cover the shipping costs we do put 10$ extra shipping fee if you add any accessories (syringes etc.) to your cart.

3ml syringe with 25g 1” needle (25 box)
25x 3ml syringe w neddle
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1 reviews
1x 5ml B. Water
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Some Reviews

B...t ordered Dianabol Atlas-Dom

"Jimmy is the best in the business!!!!! Have placed multiple orders and all have been received with no issues and top grade products! I will be a life..."
Review left on Jun-19-2018

N..k ordered Testo C Atlas-Dom

"Thanks Jim. Just recieved my vial today. Now that I know your (a real supplier) i will order more stuff. Again thanks. ..."
Review left on Jun-13-2018