Accessories (Syringes etc.)

* Shipping accessories in the same pack with other gears are tend to increase the risk of a possible seizure in customs.  That's why they are shipped from different warehouse. To cover the shipping costs we do put 10$ extra shipping fee if you add any accessories (syringes etc.) to your cart.

Sterile 50ml - 20mm neck vial
5x 50ml Neck Vial
Sterile 20ml neck vial
10x 20ml neck vial
Sterile 10ml neck vial
10x 10ml Neck Vial
Acedic Acid Sterile Water Solution
2x 10 ml
Insulin Syringe 30G 1cc 1/2” (100 Box)
100x 30G 1CC Syringes
1 reviews
1 reviews
Insulin Syringe 25G 3cc 1” (100 Box)
100x 25G 3CC 1" Syringes
3ml syringe with 25g 1” needle (100 box)
100x 3ml syringe w neddle
1 reviews
1 reviews
3ml syringe with 25g 1” needle (50 box)
50x 3ml syringe w neddle
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Some Reviews

J..n ordered Testo E Atlas Dom

"Everything came in a very timely manner, as usual, good products, great cost, very happy, will be back..."
Review left on Oct-22-2018

l..s ordered Sustanon 1250 RP

"I’ll give it 4 stars since it took quite a while to get my items but I did get them and I’m happy with my purchase. Will order again...."
Review left on Nov-05-2018