Tiromel Cytomel T3 5 X
Pharmacy Grade T3
5 x 100tabs pack (25 mcg tabs)
6 reviews
6 reviews
Thyro-3 Alpha
Liothyronine Sodium
30 x 25mcg tabs
T3 Cytomel La-Pharm
100 x 100mcg tabs

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R..h ordered Testo-C 1250 GSL

"First time ordering, as far as shipping everything went as promised!!! Products are as good as I have ever taken. Getting ready to order another roun..."
Review left on Mar-31-2018

K...n ordered Sustanon 250

"Great product highly recommended! Excellent customer service from Jimmy and his team. Thanks again Jimmy il making some more purchases soon!..."
Review left on Feb-14-2018