Stormbear 10 Thaiger

Stormbear 10 Thaiger

Brand: Thaiger Pharma
Substance Stanozolol
Pack 10mg - 100 tabs
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Manufacturer: GenShi Labs.
Substance: Stanozolol
Pack: 30 tabs. 10 mg

 Stano contains 30 tablets per package and it is manufactured by thaiger pharma which is the company that have a wide range of products; moreover, It has a good reputation on the market due to the experience and the foundation they have.

Gen-Shi Stano (Stanozolol) consists of Stanozolol which is considered to be one of the most popular and well-known steroids today in use. It is introduced to the market in 1960s by Wintrop Laboratories and its popularity over the years continued to grow. It was developed for medical purpose of treating anemia; moreover, it has been also used for veterinary purpose. The low androgenic properties it has and  being responsible for building high caliber muscle tissues made it a widely-used steroid among both bodybuilders and atletes.

It has more anabolic properties than androgenic ones which is why its anabolic or estrogen-related side effects will less likely to develop; moreover high blood pressure is not an issue  while using it.

Women often have difuculties using anabolic steroids because of its virilization effects; however, Stanozolol as it's often known carries a much lower virilization rating. Therefore, being less likely to be androgenic and lower virilization effects makes stanozolol a proper and safe choice for women bodybuilders.

Nevertheless, Stanozolol users may face in rare cases with headaches, muscle cramps and increase in cholesterol level which is likely to make one tend to atherosclerosis. As the authorities emphasizes, Stanozolol should not be taken in more than two months in order to be protected from the possible injuries in livers.

As mentioned above, Stanozolol developed to treat amenia by the way of red blood cells production. More red blood cells mean more oxygen have been carried to various parts of the body. Oxygen is vital molecule because it is used for the production of adenosine triphosphate which is main energy source of cells; moreover, it is crucial in preventing the release of lactic acid which causes muscle cramps and pains.

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