Cutting Steroid Cycle and How to Plan it

During my cutting season I stick to a couple oils and stack with orals along the way. I take Masteron Enanthate, Testosterone Enanthate, and Trenbolone Enanthate. The oral steroids I stack with those are Winstrol and anavar. The reason I use all enanthates for injections in cutting steroid cycle is because you don’t have to inject frequently as you do for short esters.

Testosterone is a must in every cycle, it’s literally the base of it all.

Masteron should be in your arsenal of steroids for every season in my opinion. It helps you remain dry and reduces water retention and bloating. It’s pretty similar to an aromatase inhibitor, reducing estrogen. You should still have an A.I in your cycle just in case. Masteron will increase your aggression, but you’re able to control it. Just have to remind yourself every time that you need to calm yourself down. Testosterone is a must in every cycle, it’s literally the base of it all. A lot of people do orals and other drugs without Testosterone and they end up messing themselves up. When you don’t use testosterone then say good bye to your sex life. Yes, it can cause bloating due to estrogen rise, but all that can be prevented with an A.I.

Trenbolone is the nectar of the gods in the steroids game, 500 times more anabolic than testosterone. Stuff literally helps you burn fat while looking full. You’ll notice more of a separation look in your muscles and also a huge increase in strength. Sometimes you will look in the mirror thinking you look flat, but in reality you’re still huge and ripped. Even though trenbolone doesn’t cause any estrogen like factor, you still have prolactin sides to worry about. The reason you hear about people going crazy and acting foolish on trenbolone is due to prolactin. When your body is build up of prolactin, it will make you go crazy. In order to prevent all that you either have to take prami, caber, or bromocriptin. All of those will reduce prolactin levels in your body, and will also helps you with the mental sides tren gives you.

How to plan cutting steroid cycle?

I inject Masteron E, Testosterone E, and Trenbolone E two times a week. 500mg of Test E, 400mg of Mast E, and 500mg of Tren E. People say teen should be higher than test, but everyone is different. I see better results when using the same amount of test and tren. While on, I add on winstrol and anavar to give it a “kick start” into cutting steroid cycle. Make sure you have your A.I’s while on also; they will also help you when you’re cutting by reduction of water retention.

Steroids don’t burn fat, it builds muscle, so diet always comes first before drugs.

Now, as all drugs aside, when you’re cutting, make sure your diet is on point. Steroids don’t burn fat, it builds muscle, so diet always comes first before drugs. You eat dirty while taking the drugs I have mentioned, you will still be bloated and fat. It’s all about eating clean and training hard. People can also cut while taking bulking drugs like dianabol, deca, and anadrol if their diet is on point.

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